post ketujuh. Lagu ‘Burung kakak tua’~


I was just surfing the Internet and randomly typed in baby singing in the search bar. Then, I happened to see this Malay song, which seemed like it’s quite popular among the kids because there were so many of them singing this song and actually uploaded on Youtube. So, I shall share this funny, catchy song with you guys. 🙂

The song title is ‘Burung Kakak Tua’ which means ‘Cuckatoo’.

This one is pretty hilarious because the girl’s so adorable! Comelnya! Also, one of the comments for this video was really funny as well. It said, ‘Balqis belom tua gigi hilang dua…’, the person spelt ‘belum’ wrongly! Thanks to this Malay learning experience I can now spot people’s mistake. Only the simple ones though. By the way, the person commented, ‘Balqis is not even old (tua) yet she has lost (hilang) two teeth (gigi)…’

What the person commented actually has something to do with the song (‘lagu’ in Malay)

I went to look up for this lagu and did a bit of background research, and I found out that it’s actually a rather popular Malaysian Children song!

Here’s the lyrics:

Burung Kakak tua


Burung kakak tua
Hinggap di jendela
Nenek sudah tua
Giginya tinggal dua

Lechum Lechum Lechum
Mu la la
Lechum Lechum Lechum
Mu la la
Lechum Lechum Lechum
Mu la la
Burung Kakak Tua

And the English translation:
Cuckatoo, Oh Cuckatoo


Cuckatoo, oh Cuckatoo,
Perching by itself,
Grandma has turned so grey*,
Has only two teeth left.

Lechum Lechum Lechum
Mu la la
Lechum Lechum Lechum
Mu la la
Lechum Lechum Lechum
Mu la la
Cuckatoo, oh cuckatoo.

It’s a really cute song with a nice ring to it. Actually if we translate ‘burung kakak tua’ as in ‘old sister bird’ the song would make more sense, I think.
My version of the translation would be:
Old sister bird, Oh old sister bird
Perching at the window (jendela)
Grandma is now very old
Her teeth only left (tinggal) dua.
* Here, we learn that tinggal can be used for: stay, live, reside; or remained, left.
There’s another kid who actually sang the more hip version during a singing competition:
Kids are just so amazing. They have no worries, they’re straightforward and frank, they’re simply very beautiful beings. Sometimes I’m really envious of them. Okay to say this in Malay,
sometimes – kadang-kadang/kadangkala/sekali-sekali
Therefore: Kadang-kadang, saya cemburu kebebasan mereka.
I think I’m going to teach my little cousins this song, since I don’t have younger siblings and my elder siblings probably can’t be bothered to listen to me. Haha! Jumpa lagi! 🙂

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